30. Alexis Dubus: Festival Circuit & Alt Gigs

We were very honoured to have UK Comedian Alexis Dubus (AKA Marcel Lucont) come on to the podcast slap bang between the NZ Comedy Festival and a nationwide tour.

There is so much good stuff in this episode from Alexis that we didn’t even have a funny title. It’s full of good stories about Edinburgh and the world comedy circuit. As well as where New Zealand fits on the circuit.

He talks to us about his first hour show that he took to Edinburgh and ended up taking him all over the wold. The time he accidentally send shock waves through the comedy with a little Facebook rant about a certain Australian fringe festival.

We talk a bit about the creation of the character that may be more famous that Alexis himself – arogant French compère Marcel LuCont – and a lot about the gig Alexis ran where Marcel first appeard.

Also the God Father of NZ comedy intefrupts us for a bit. And we get to hear about the international legendary status of New Zealand’s own Classic Comedy Club.

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