7. Topical Jokes & Comedy Boners

Merry Christmas and a Happy Bloody New Year all you Attempted Comedians and comedy fans.

This week the attempted comedians you know & love talk about themselves. And boy is it a cracker of an episode. This week was the first episode recorded after the pod cast went live and Tony justifiably questions whether he is in fact as tall as the jingle suggests.

The topic of being topical is discussed and Tony attempts to give advice to new comedians on what to do when the topical topic is taboo. That was a nice bit of alliteration there, I’m quite proud of that. Actually while I’m breaking the fourth wall… Does anybody actually read these? Let me know @temptedcomedian. Back to the description.

Also, Scott talks about a bombing on stage this week. Dave recalls what it was like to run a pro gig and Tony gets into what it’s like to be a model.

It’s pretty good, you should listen.

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